Since Rubengera Technical Secondary School was founded in 2013 by the community of protestant sisters "Abaja Ba Kristo" in cooperation with german partners, new standards in terms of quality of wood works "made in Rwanda" have been set.
We want to share our knowledge and help young Rwandans to build the future of the Rwandan Wood-Sector.

Today Rubengera TSS is a well known training institutuion in Rwanda with 65 international Students in its 3-year program.
As private school we are accredited by the Rwandan autorities (WDA).

Rubengera Technical Secondary School

The mission of Rubengera TSS is to provide solid technical teaching in a modern training environment, the training of informal skills as well as team work and leadership skills, to endow certificates in line of the Rwandan official training system and to offer lifelong -learning and training for local citizens.

We eager to train young people to believe in a future for their lives and families, supporting through their competence their community and country.

Abaja Ba Kristo

In addition to the Carpentry contents we also add skills in production of interior and kitchen production to increase the market chances of our graduates.

We also want to promote crafts for women and are glad to have 25% girls among our students.

Our Partners